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Breeders association aims to preserve the Paint Horse breed

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article image The PHAA represents breeders and aims to preserve the Paint Horse breed

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The Paint Horse Association of Australia was formed in 1973 with the intention of representing Paint Horse breeders and preserving the unique horse breed.

The breeders association achieves its primary purpose of breed preservation by registering those horses who exhibit traits of the breed, and collecting and recording information regarding registered horses.

In particular, the breeders association is involved in registering and recording quarter horse and thoroughbred Paint Horse varieties.

The Paint Horse has an array of desirable characteristics; and breeders particularly focus on breeding for bloodline, temperament, ability, colour and conformation.

The PHAA determines whether a horse is eligible for registration, and this is dependent on its physical traits, heritage and character.

Registered Paint Horses are valued more highly than non-registered ones, and they subsequently stand out to prospective buyers.

Registration certificates are highly valuable for horse breeders, as they document a horse’s bloodlines, athletic ability and life-time identification.

In order to promote the Paint Horse breed, the PHAA plays a prominent role in organising and sponsoring various agricultural shows and events across Australia and overseas.

These include the National Championship Show in Tamworth and Ride Australia, along with youth camps and attendance at breed promotion events.

The breeders association also organises for an Australian youth team to attend the Paint Horse Youth World Horse Show in Texas every two years.

The Paint Horse Journal, a quarterly publication that contains news articles, event results, member achievements and educational resources, among others is also produced by the breeders association.

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