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Bulls and cows from Palgrove Charolais

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Palgrove Charolais  has numerous female herds that include 1200 purebred Charolais females, purebred and appendix registered Red and Black Angus females, Angus and Charolais females and purebred Brahman and Shorthorn females. Commercial Charolais and Angus cows are also offered by Palgrove Charolais. Palgrove Charolais sells approximately 1000 bulls per year.

Palgrove Charolais was started with Charolais X calves that were born in 1970. The cattle were originally upgraded from quality Shorthorns and Brahman females. All male cattle from Palgrove Charolais are sent as weaners at Drillham. Palgrove Charolais also has other properties at Ben Lomond where female weaners are sent until the joining age.

Palgrove Charolais aims to produce quality bulls and females to assists its commercial clients in reaching their specific target markets. Palgrove Charolais provides a comprehensive carcase and performance data of all Charolais herd in the country. Objective data includes group breedplan, Genestar marking and ultrasound. This data is used along with rigorous physical assessment to select and maintain special Palgrove Charolais breed.

David and Prue Bondfield, proprietors of Palgrove work closely with their clients and provide complete after sales service, including breeding advice and assistance in selection and marketing of progeny.

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