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Customised Feed Containment Areas from Paton Industries

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Paton Industries  offers customised Feed Containment Areas constructed from hoop style panels to suit different herd sizes. Each set of panels measures 2850 mm in length and by joining a number of panels together, the amount of animals feeding at any one time can increase.

Each set (2 panels) of panels enables an additional 10 head to feed. A stay bar is included with each set of panels and is pinned into the ground strengthen the frame further.

The Feed Pads are best positioned on a pre formed raised platform to minimise heavy bogging around the area from animal traffic. Placing wood chip in the immediate area around the pad will help maintain firmness around the area.

For larger herds, two smaller units in a parallel formation are recommended (as opposed to one long unit for the entire herd to feed from) as this will keep the dominant animals in separate areas and allow for more successful participation across the herd.

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