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Wheeled medium feeders from Paton Industries

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A range of wheeled medium feeders with varying capacities is now available from Paton industries . They have the following (approximate) capacities:  

  • WNMF 24 wheeled medium feeder - 2 m³
  • WMF 24 wheeled medium feeder - 1.5 m³
  • WMF 18 wheeled medium feeder - 1.1 m³
These wheeled medium feeders are designed to feed lambs through to cattle up to 450 kg. They have double sided feed trays and adjustable slide controls, which can be set low for lick feeding or adjusted higher for larger pellets or grains.

They have a full-length opening lid and a heavy duty galvanized chassis with 14” wheels (which are placed behind feeder to allow full access to feed trays) and a jack stand. They may be towed full but caution needs to be taken to ensure the feeder is towed by an appropriate vehicle at a speed of no more than 10 km/hr.

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