Paton's Farm Machinery

Patons Machinery has a long history supplying and servicing Agricultural equipment. The Paton Range includes Kubota tractors, Kubota ride on mowers, Kubota utility vehicles, Kawasaki mules, ATV's and the Avant range of skid and articulated mini loaders plus Silvan and Selecta products and Kanga and Caroni farm implements.


Supplier news
02/03/11 - The Grillo 9.21 Climber ride on mowers feature a 21HP engine, rugged low slung body, differential locking and front drum brakes.
Supplier news
21/07/08 - Paton's Farm Machinery offer second hand equipment for industrial and agricultural applications. The second hand equipment from Paton's Farm Machinery includes used tractors, used mowers, used implements, sprayers and used utility vehicles.
Supplier news
18/07/08 - Paton's Farm Machinery provide new agricultural and industrial equipment. The new equipment in stock at Paton's Farm Machinery includes Kubota mowers, Kawasaki mules, Kanga and Caroni implements, Avant loaders, Kawasaki power products, tractors and u
Supplier news
17/07/08 - Paton's Farm Machinery specialise in offering used and new range of industrial and agricultural equipment. Paton's Farm Machinery provide quality services to its clients. Paton's Farm Machinery have serviced a wide range of Kubota tractors, Kawasaki

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Paton's Farm Machinery (Head office) Update these details
63 Yuilles Rd
VIC 3931
Tel: 03 5975 4399
Fax: 03 5975 9551

Paton's Farm Machinery Brands

Berends Kawasaki Kubota Silvan

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