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Seed and fertiliser handling equipment from Peak Hill Industries

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Peak Hill Industries  offer seed and fertiliser handling equipment. Peak Hill Industries manufacture handling equipment with help of modern materials, components and manufacturing techniques. Seed and fertiliser handling equipment includes truck mounted and trailer bins.

The single auger seed and fertiliser equipment comes with two compartments of six cubic metres capacity and is ideal for small operations. It is available in full length with one peaked steel lid. The base of single auger is designed to sit flat on the truck trays and it is placed within the side rails. The auger is provided with turnbuckles and chains to ensure safe and secure attachment. The bin is raised and lowered with help of an adjustable jacking point.

The single auger discharge bin is available in five cubic metres in capacity. It is ideal for feed delivery and mixing purposes. This type of single auger bin is made from high tensile chassis with framed pulls. The wheels of the bins are attached with hubs and heavy-duty axles. Other features of the single auger discharge bins include an open top, hinged steel lid and an external ladder. It can be towed along with light truck, tractor and four-wheel drives.

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