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Sheep handling equipment from Peak Hill Industries

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Peak Hill Industries  offer sheep handling equipment, mobile field bins, seed and fertiliser handling equipment. All these equipment from Peak Hill Industries are built using modern materials, components, equipment and manufacturing techniques. The sheep handling equipment includes peak handler, portable sheep yards, peak handler professional trailer, pro crutching trailer, scanning handler, peak jetter.

Peak handlers from Peak Hill Industries are multi-purpose machines that are developed for easy handling of sheep. It is designed for easy use by the contractor and grazier. The peak handlers are air powered. The air is provided through air compressors. The roll over section of the peak handler can be powered with help of counter balance weight of the sheep that is held in the cradles.

Mobile crutching trailers from Peak Hill Industries are ideal for contractors. It comes with standard lead up system having 3.6 metres ramp and angle adjustments. Mobile crutching trailers have an adjustable length panels, two standard panels and a blind gate in frames. The roofs of the trailers are made from galvanised steel materials. The trailers are stabilised with help of adjustable legs and it can be set to low surface of the floor for easy access.

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