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article image The interests of Percheron horse breeders are catered for by the Percheron Horse Breeders Association of Australia

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The Percheron Horse Breeders Association of Australia Inc is a national body responsible for representing Percheron horse breeders along with registering and promoting the Percheron breed.

The horse breeders association was formed in 1998, and its executive at the time sought to obtain an Australian Registered Body Number so the association could operate throughout the country, which was granted in 1994.

A president, vice president, secretary and six committee members comprise the horse breeders association, along with a web master, keeper of the Stud Book and registrar.

The horse breeders association promotes the Percheron breed of horses and horse breeders by organising agricultural shows, competitions and other activities.

Furthermore, a list of persons who have the skills and expertise to judge at such events is prepared and maintained by the horse breeders association.

In order to supplement these events and activities, Percheron horse breeders are encouraged to form relationships with others involved in the industry on a local and regional level.

The horse breeders association is responsible for creating and updating the Percheron horse Stud Book, which includes detailed information about pedigree and part-bred Percheron horses.
In 1995, part Percheron competition horses were recognised and a warmblood register was subsequently included in the Stud Book.

Futhermore, as the association has been increasingly approached by individuals wishing to register chestnut males and females, a chestnut register has been inserted into the Stud Book.

The association acts as a viable information source for Percheron horse breeders, as it communicates imortant and useful information about diseases, genetics, feeding and animal husbandry that directly relate to the Percheron breed of horses to them.

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