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Animal transport ventilation solutions from PerformAir

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PerformAir offer ventilation systems that can be installed in animal transport vehicles to help ensure your working, racing and show animals receive adequate ventilation when they are transported from one location to another.  

Typically these animals are transported in trailers and horse floats that have inadequate ventilation. These conditions cause heat stress, which bring with it a range of implications.

The effects of poor vehicle ventilation can be disastrous because temperatures are much hotter inside the animal transport vehicles than outside. Studies have shown that when the ambient temperature outside is 22ºC, the temperature in a poorly ventilated animal transport vehicle can rise to over 47ºC within just 60 minutes.

While all animals will experience overheating when travelling in animal transportation vehicles with poor ventilation, the effects of the condition can vary according to the particular animal being transported.

Horses can experience lethargy, weakness, muscular tremors and an increase in temperature and pulse rate.

Alpacas will experience open-mouthed breathing, nasal flaring, lethargy, and lack of appetite. The animals also sweat in order to regulate their body temperatures in the heat; however the moisture produced during this process can damage their fleece. This is particularly disastrous for show animals.

Dogs, such as greyhounds will experience excessive panting, increased pulse rate and general lethargy. Overheating can affect greyhounds rather quickly, so even short journeys can cause the animals health to deteriorate.

PerformAir recommend that you avoid transporting your animals during the hottest period of the day; you do not overload animal transport vehicles and that you provide animals with adequate food and water.

Above all, it is recommended that you install a PerformAir vent in each of your animal transport vehicles. These ventilation systems can be installed on the roof of vehicles and they operate to effectively reduce heat, promote air flow and remove substances such as dirt, dust, pollen and fumes from animal transport vehicles.  

One half of these ventilation systems, the PerformAir filter can also be purchased individually.

PerformAir ventilation systems are free to run, they can be installed in all vehicles, and they are bound to enhance the health and performance of your animals.

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