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Perten Instruments provides cost effective instruments for meaningful and rapid results to cereal grain producers, traders and processors. Testing instruments include near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) analysers and detectors, whole grain analysers, grain moisture meters, feed analysers, dough mixers and sprout damage detectors.


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24/09/12 - The Inframatic 9500 NIR analysers from Perten Instruments Australia have received approval from the National Measurement Institute to be used for grain trading in Australia.
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20/10/11 - SKCS 4100 grain analysers can actually offer readings for each and every kernel, automatically.
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02/09/11 - The AM 5200 second generation 150 MHz grain moisture meters offer improved accuracy, repeatability and handling. They are now available from Perten Instruments.
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12/08/11 - The new RVA 4500 viscosity analyser, available from Perten Instruments Australia, combines exceptional sensitivity and accuracy when analysing low viscosity samples.
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