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Fog and mist industrial insecticides from Pestech

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Pestech  offer pest management products like pyrethrum products. The pyrethrum products offered by Pestech include fog and mist industrial insecticide, industrial insecticide and picket insecticidal concentrate. Pyrethrin is the component extracted from Pyrethrum to kill the pests.

The fog and mist industrial insecticide offered by Pestech are ready to use product and comes with normal concentration of piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins. It is made from light odourless oil and can be applied with help of a mister or a sprayer. The fog and mist industrial insecticide is used to control beetles, flies, moths, mites, files and cockroaches.

Pestech offer picket insecticidal concentrate product to kill the insects. This picket insecticidal concentrate act as grain protectant. It keeps away all types of moths, beetle, weevils and grain moths from attacking stored products. All such pests are killed and repelled by application of pyrethrins. The two-litre bottle of the insecticide makes 66 litres of the solution. It can be applied to the moving grain and the pyrethrins are degraded by ultra violet light.

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