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Natural Pyrethrum PyBo Insecticide from Pestech Australia

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Natural Pyrethrum PyBo Insecticide, available from Pestech Australia , is a contact killer which reduces insect and pest populations on customer crops by over 90% in the first application.  Natural pyrethrum is compatible with any fungicide, foliar fertiliser and summer or white oils so they can all be sprayed in one go. Work on crops can resume as soon as the droplets of Natural Pyrethrum PyBo Insecticide have settled and the withholding period is just 1 day.  Small insects such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnats etc. die within 3-5 minutes, or up to 10-20 minutes for caterpillars, bugs and leafhoppers. With fast action, users will be able to assess the effectiveness of their spraying technique before doing the whole job. This means no money or effort will be wasted.  

Pyrethrum insecticidal concentrates bought at hardware stores and garden shops are usually 4 g/L pyrethrins. PyBo is 20 times more concentrated at 80 g/L and the dilution rate is 1ml/litre of water so customers can make a thousand litres of spraying solution with a litre of concentrate.

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