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Pestech Australia offers test bottles of natural insecticides

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Pestech Australia Pty Ltd  is offering commercial growers a free 250ml test bottle of PyBo natural pyrethrum insecticidal concentrate – enough to treat a small patch of crop using the customer’s existing application technique.  

Western flower thrip and silverleaf whiteflies are the usual suspects for resistance but natural pyrethrum kills them, and all other insects, within minutes of application. 

PyBo is registered for use on all fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants. Significantly, it has a 1-day withholding period, meaning there is barely any harvesting down-time for farmers.  

This rapid degradation of natural pyrethrum also means workers are able to spray without specialised protective clothing and equipment. Once the droplets have settled, workers are able to re-enter the crop immediately. 

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