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Resistance to insecticide is no longer a problem with PyBo natural pyrethrum from Pestech Australia

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article image Even insecticide resistant Western flower thrip are killed when using natural pyrethrum

Resistance to pesticide is no longer a problem when using PyBo, the natural pyrethrum from Pestech Australia .  

Western flower thrip and whitefly developing resistance to insecticides is a commonplace occurrence. This is substantiated by laboratory testing of populations that have been treated using a variety of synthetic pyrethroid and other insecticides.   

The recommended solution is to swap to an insecticide in different chemical group where possible.  This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds many pesticides may not registered for use with the crop in question or the withholding period may not fit with harvest timing.   

Natural pyrethrum is a viable solution. 

Benefits of using natural pyrethrum include:

  • kills synthetic pyrethroid resistant insects such as thrip and whiteflies in as little as 5 minutes
  • withholding period is just 1 day
  • registered for use on any crop, including fruit and vegetable crops, ornamental plants and cut flowers
In a recent case a crop of flowers in a large protected environment facility was under attacked by Western flower thrip that was tested and found to be highly resistant.  The shed was misted using the natural insecticide and more than 95% of the thrips were killed immediately.  

The remainder of the thrips were in the nymph part of their life cycle that is spent off the plant in the growing medium where the fine misting doesn’t penetrate.  A second misting within 2 days, when they reach their adult stage kills them.  

Alternatively, a heavy spray of the natural pyrethrum can be used to wet the growing medium before the normal misting of the plants takes place.  

PyBo, Pestech’s natural pyrethrum, has a dilution ratio of 1ml:1litre and is available in a range of sizes including 250ml.  

Contact Pestech for more information about the natural insecticide or to request a trial and order.

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