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Uses of pyrethrum insecticides from Pestech

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Pestech  provide pest management products. The pyrethrums offered by Pestech are used for various applications. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that kills the insect on contact that is versatile and effective. Pyrethrum is used to kill insects like flies, moths, ferment flies, aphids and leafhoppers. It can be diluted in oil or water and then dispensed as spray, fog or mist.

The liquid formulation of pyrethrum when sprayed into the under surface and cervices of leaves, kills the hiding insects present in the plant. It is used to control crawling insects like ants, spiders, mites, cockroaches and caterpillars. Pyrethrum acts as protectant and it protects the grain crops from weevils and other grain eating insect pests. It also helps in protecting the crop seeds.

Pyrethrum protects the fruit, vegetable, flower and ornamental plants from plant pests. Pyrethrum controls attack of plant pests like aphids, bugs, thrips, mites, leaf eating caterpillars and beetles. Pyrethrum helps in increasing the yield of crop, acts as an insecticidal agent and used as soap to wash dogs.

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