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Rams and poll merino sires for sale from Petali Merinos

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Petali Merinos  are involved in offering poll merino sires for sale. Petali Merinos were established in the year 1966 with one-third Mirani stud. Petali Merinos commenced their breeding programme for production of Elite wool. Petali Merinos stud are situated in a place that is occupied with mild summer, winter and cold climate. Around four hundred merino and five hundred poll merinos are present. The merino sires at Petali Merinos are fertile, low weight, wooly and worm resistant. Merino genetic services are also offered by Petali Merinos.

Petali Merinos have been offering breeding values for different traits. Petali Merinos are members of Sheep Genetics Australia. The Sheep Genetics Australia is an organisation that combines the databases of sheep breeds. Database of the sheep are collected by Petali Merinos through this association. The genetic languages used by Petali Merinos are based on the Australian Sheep Breeding values. Petali Merinos offer rams, ewes and young sires for sale. Petali Merinos have conducted programmes to select sheep for genetic resistance to worms. Beef cattle grass operations were also conducted by Petali Merinos during 2006 with six-hundred cattle.

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