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Used tractors from Peter Hood Machinery

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Peter Hood Machinery  provide used machineries for application in agricultural sectors. The used John Deere 6920 tractor from Peter Hood Machinery come with auto powered transmission units and triple link front suspensions. This tractor is available in good condition. Massey Ferguson 8160 range of tractor works for 4231 hours of time. The 8160 tractor features two speed PTO, three hydraulic outlets and 16 speed transmission Dina shift units.

The John Deere 5520 range of tractors comes with power reverser and two hundred kilograms of forks. Peter Hood Machinery offers John Deere 2WD tractors with duals. This tractor with duals comes with 164 horsepower engines, three remotes, radars and draws bar tractors. The Massey Ferguson 362 tractors is provided with forklift and it features 3.9 L 62 horsepower engines, 10 x 28 front tyres and 13.6 x 38 rear tyres.

The John Deere 4440 comes with 155 horsepower units, two remotes and belly tanks. The John Deere 4040 tractor comes with two sets of remotes and power quad transmission units. Peter Hood Machinery provides 75 horsepower engine, quad transmission units with forward and reverser levers, rear PTO, front and rear wheels.

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