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Original and super planting points from Peterpoint

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Peterpoint  provide five different types of planting points. All these planting points are used to enhance the effectiveness of crop establishment. The planting point was designed by Peterpoint to place the seed in a trench with 40 to 50 millimetres of soil over it. It was developed for the use of farmers. Adapters offered by Peterpoint suits different type of machines. The planting point can be operated at a speed between 8 and 12 kilometres per hour.

Planting point comes in various models including original, super, multi, ultra II and Peterpoint 5020. Peterpoint original planting point is a unique machine. It comes with low draft sweeping cast spear point. It has superior penetration feature and helps in controlling the seed depth. The Peterpoint original is ideal for chisel ploughs and cultivators.

Peterpoint super range of planting point is newly invented product. The Peterpoint super comes with bevelled edge and a tungsten nosepiece with cast in lug attached to it. The lug is used for positive fitting of the seed to the point that enhances during difficult conditions. Peterpoint super is made using high-grade tungsten materials. It is ideal for long lasting applications.

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