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Planting points from Peterpoint

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Peterpoint  offer revolutionary planting point. The planting point was designed by Peterpoint to place the seed in a trench with 40 to 50 millimetres of soil over it. The planting point works well in both deep sowing and in wet soil conditions. The row width must be 300 to 350 millimetres in sizes. The planting point can be operated at a speed between 8 and 12 kilometres per hour.

The planting points from Peterpoint come with unique spear point design with low draft wings. It helps in lifting the soil from the furrow. Planting point creates protective coat around the seedlings. It helps in quick and vigorous germination process. These planting points offered by Peterpoint allow the crop to be planted in an appropriate time. It is ideal for use with all types of soil.

The planting points designed by Peterpoint are used to plant legumes, grasses and cereals in winter and summer seasons. It requires low horsepower units and helps in saving fuels. It ensure establishment of planting unit under wheel tracks also.

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