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Information on pet and aquarium shops from Petsvetsnmore

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Petsvetsnmore  are Australian online directory that provide information on pet and vet requirements. Petsvetsnmore provide information on pet shops in Australia including Aldinga ‘one shop stop’ pet shop, Burnside pet centre, Camsal Aviaries, Elizabeth west pet and fodder to name a few.

Aldinga one stop pet shop supplies livestock like goldfish, marine, plants, coral, algae eaters, tetras. Pet housing products like kennels, pet crates, pet bedding, vivariums, aquariums. The Aldinga one stop pet shop offers pet food like wet foods, hay chaff, fish foods and nutrients. The Burnside pet centre at Australia provides livestock like plants, tetras and goldfish. Pet housing products from Burnside pet centre includes master pet, kennels, pet baskets, pet crates, aquariums and snooza.

Camsal Aviaries provides livestock like parrots finches, canaries, exotics, and aviary birds. Custom made aviaries and indoor cages are offered in this shop. The Camsal Aviaries are involved in offering bird nutrition and handling services to its customers.

Information on aquarium shops is also offered by Petsvetsnmore. Aggies Aquariums offers livestock like coldwater, tropical, native and marine fishes, spiders, frogs and scorpions. It provides pet accessories such as filters, lights, heaters, test kits, pond pumps and halogens. Aggies Aquarium offers services like setting up of new aquarium.

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