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Passionate About the Health and Wellness of Animals. At Pfizer Animal Health, a passion for the health and wellness of animals and a commitment to research combine to help protect the health of pets and farm animals and the productivity of livestock


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05/04/12 - Pestigard livestock vaccination programs from Pfizer Animal Health are the only form of medication available for the prevention of BVDV in Australian cattle
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04/04/12 - The Equivac range of livestock vaccines from Pfizer play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of tetanus in horses along with dogs, sheep, cattle and pigs.
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31/01/12 - Pfizer has a range of pig medicines including vaccines and antibiotics, as well as offering programs and services.
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16/06/09 - Pfizer Animal Health offers a wide range of animal vaccines such as the Ultravac 7in1.
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Bovigam Brown Snake Antivenom CIDR Dectomax Injectable Dectomax Pour-On Equiban Horse Granules Equiban Horse Paste Equity Oestrus Control Equivac 2in1 Equivac S Strangles Equivac T Equivac TAT Eryvac for Pigs Eryvac for Sheep Excenel Excenel RTU Glanvac 3 Glanvac 3 B12 Glanvac 3 for Goats Glanvac 3 S Glanvac 3 S B12 Glanvac 6 Glanvac 6 B12 Glanvac 6 B12 for Goats Glanvac 6 for Goats Glanvac 6 S Glanvac 6 S B12 Gudair Gudair for Goats Improvac Lepto-Eryvac Leptoshield Lincocin Forte Lincomix 800 Soluble Powder Lincomix Antibiotic Solution Lincomix Premix (44) Linco-Spectin Injectable Solution Linco-Spectin Premix Linco-Spectin Soluble Powder Longrange Lutalyse Mastalone Blue Neomycin Sulphate Neovac Orbenin Dry Cow Orbenin Enduro Orbenin Eye Ointment Orbenin L.C. Parachek Pestigard Porcine Parvac Respisure Respisure One Scabigard Special Formula 17900 Forte V Teatseal Terramycin 100 Terramycin Pinkeye Aerosol Terramycin Pinkeye Powder Terramycin/LA Tetanus Antitoxin 100 Units Tiger-Brown Snake Combined Antivenom Tuberculin PPD (Avian) Tuberculin PPD (Bovine) Ultravac 5in1 Ultravac 7in1 Ultravac Botulinum Valbazen 112.5 g/L Albendazole Vibrovax

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