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Pfizer Animal Health has a range of specialist products for pork producers

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Pfizer Animal Health  provides an industry-leading range of products to pork producers to ensure that pigs remain in good health, contributing to a more profitable and efficient operation.

Pfizer’s range of health solutions for pigs include offers a large variety of products, from vaccines to antibiotics that are available to meet the requirements of both vetenarians and producers.

Ultimately healthier pigs results in a healthier bottom line.

As well as helping pork producers and veterinarians to promote swine health, Pfizer products can help to raise pigs more consistently with its health and management services and programs.

Pfizer knows that it is essential to treat pigs at the very first indication of disease. Its health and management programs promote education and improved animal health.

Pig health products and services available from Pfizer include:

  • advice from highly knowledgeable and experienced field sales force
  • help with maximising profits
  • vaccines
  • antibiotics
  • programs health solutions
  • more consistent and profitable bottom line through more predictable production
Contact Pfizer for more information about its range of health care products for pigs and other livestock, as well as to arrange for a meeting with a member of the field sales force.

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