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Electric motors, renewable energy systems from Phazer

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Phazer  offer generators, electric motors, heating and cleaning equipment. Phazer are involved in repairing spas, swimming pools and saunas with help of qualified technicians. The grid connects solar systems from Phazer feature solar power, remote power systems, mobile solar panels for caravans and boats, wind turbine and solar hot water. The grid connect solar system is available in two types namely grid connected systems, remote power and independent home power systems.

Grid connected solar system is a system where power is generated through solar panels present on the roof. It is supplemented by main power unit. Grid connected systems are classified into residential systems for home, government buildings, industrial systems like solar farm. The remote home power system is ideal for remote areas where there less supply of electricity. This solar energy system offers clean power and helps in reducing the power bills. It also adds value to the home.

Electric motors are ideal for applications in air movement and ventilation, compressors, cement mixers, brick saws and farming equipment. The gearboxes from Phazer come with ratio ranging from 1:24:1 to 88700:1. Phazer provide inline, flat helical, helical worm, multi staged and worm spur type of gearboxes.

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