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Generators, industrial dryers and heaters from Phazer

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Phazer  offer industrial heaters and dryers, generators, vacuum cleaners and extraction units. Industrial portable heater and dryers are designed for offering reliable, efficient and instant source of heat. The industrial portable heaters are ideal for industrial, commercial, agricultural and construction sectors.

The LPG fan forced range of heaters and dyers are light in weight, robust and compact in design. The LPG fan forced heaters are odourless and releases no fumes. Other features include variable heat output, safety shutdown on flame, fan failure. The direct and indirect fired diesel from Phazer are compact and robust in design. Fired diesel comes with high efficiency combustion units, stainless steel chamber and socket for connection.

Phazer offer different types of generators to suit power tools, farming, trades and rural, stand by power, construction sites, remote area power supply units. The generators from Phazer come with low voltage distortion and overload protection fitted units. Other features of the generators include solid one-piece frame construction with anti vibration mounts. Generators from Phazer are sturdy and lightweight in design. The generators are designed for use in tough applications.

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