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22/11/12 - Antibiotics continue to play a vital role in human; plant and animal health, say the presenters and participants at a recent symposium in the US.
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30/01/12 - CLTC, Neo-Terramycin, Terramycin and V-Max are all antibiotics and anti-infectives, suitable for beef cattle use, available from Phibro.
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17/07/08 - Phibro Animal Health provides Wormtec, an in-feed anthelmintic that is used to prevent migration of Ascaris suum, Oesophagostomum dentatum and other intestinal infections found in pigs.
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16/07/08 - Phibro Animal Health provides PhibroMonensin 100, an ionophore that is used to improve the feed efficiency in feedlot cattle. Each PhibroMonensin 100 is designed with an active ingredient known as the polyether antibiotic taken from Streptomyces cinn
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