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Aviax for broiler chickens from Phibro Animal Health

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Phibro Animal Health  manufactures and supplies Aviax that can be used for the prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens. Aviax is an ionophore anticoccidial that has an active ingredient called semduramicin. Customers are requested to store Aviax in a cry cool place.

Aviax is a registered trademark of Phibro Animal Health, for semduramicin sodium. Aviax has a uniform light tan coloured with finely ground meal. It has a mild odour that is typical of rice hulls. Aviax can decompose before melting and is not applicable for boiling point and vapour pressure. In terms of its volatile nature, there is no specific data, but it is expected to be low at 100 degree Celsius.

Aviax is not flammable and it is also not corrosive. Aviax from Phibro Animal Health is a commercial product that could vary in its components ratio. There is no record for Aviax for chronic exposure symptoms. Aviax is not carcinogenic according to worksafe’s document.

Aviax is an orally active animal health drug. The active ingredient causes muscle damage if given to dogs. Phibro Animal Health also provides personal protection tips for customers who use Aviax. Customers are requested to use a disposable dust mask, an elbow length protective PVC gloves and wearing safety boots in the industrial environment.  

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