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article image Phillips Rollerdown harvest pickup package

Phillips Rollerdown, available from Phillbourne Manufacturing , is a harvest pickup package that has advanced the process of harvesting canola in several ways:

  • The harvester can perform better due to the more constant flow of material, made possible by the effect of Rollerdown in controlling the crop. This can result in better sample being achieved.
  • Ground speed can be increased due to the Rollerdown attachment providing better control over the incoming swath.
  • Driving fatigue is reduced due to the improved control of swath.
Three harvesting attachments combine to form the Rollerdown harvest pickups:
  • Pickups - The pickup uses one row of belts
  • False Front (Header) - The false front is built to universally attach to all harvesters encountered to date. Phillbourne generally paint this assembly to match the colour of the customers' harvester.
  • Rollerdown - This provides a moving ceiling to prevent the crop from boiling up above the cross-auger. The Rollerdown is driven by a hydraulic motor connected in series with the pickup drive motor.

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