Philp Brodie Grains

Grain trading and marketing merchants in Darling Downs, Queensland Australia. Soy, wheat, sorghum and barley traders.


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17/07/08 - Philp Brodie Grains specialises in trading a variety of products such as protein meals, coarse grains, oilseeds, pulses and several other seeds for specific markets both within Australia and overseas. The different types of coarse grains traded by Ph
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16/07/08 - Philp Brodie Grains specialises in grain marketing services for producers across Australia. Philp Brodie Grains particularly focuses on providing quality products to processors and end users.
Supplier news
15/07/08 - Philp Brodie Grains based in Toowoomba, Queensland is specialised in marketing quality food and fibre derivative products. Known for its grain marketing service to producers and quality product to processors and end users.

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Philp Brodie Grains (Head office) Update these details
54-60 Industrial Ave
QLD 4350
Tel: 07 4690 6400
Fax: 07 4690 6401

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Elite Hylan Pacific Seeds

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