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Fibre derivative products from Philp Brodie Grains

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Philp Brodie Grains  based in Toowoomba, Queensland is specialised in marketing quality food and fibre derivative products. Philp Brodie Grains is an Australian company and is known for its grain marketing service to producers and quality product to processors and end users.

Philp Brodie Grains trades in a variety of products suitable for both the domestic and international market. For the livestock industries Philp Brodie Grains provides high quality of barley, cottonseed, maize, sorghum and wheat. Philp Brodie Grains is specialised in soybeans for crushing and edible market lines.

Philp Brodie Grains markets barley, birdseed, cottonseed, maize, legumes, sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat. To name a few agents of the firm includes Pacific Seeds, Pioneer Seeds and HSF. With its marketing activities with Sanitarium, provender millers, feedlots, flour mills, tofu manufacturers, poultry and dairy end users provide reasonable price.

The administration team at Philp Brodie Grains is lead by Catherine Brodie and Cheri Patzwald. The team provides an ongoing administrative support within the business. Philp Brodie Grains can also help customers in dealing with effective suppliers. Philp Brodie Grains provides reliable services to a range of industries including feedlotters, dairying, poultry, piggeries and flour millers throughout Australia and overseas.

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