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Grain marketing services from Philp Brodie Grains

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Philp Brodie Grains  specialises in grain marketing services for producers across Australia. Philp Brodie Grains particularly focuses on providing quality products to processors and end users. There are over 1200 producers who play a significant role in the core business. Philp Brodie Grains deals with producers throughout Australia, but concentrates mainly on the eastern states.

The different services, provided by Philp Brodie Grains, for producers include reliable marketing services, knowledgeable and accessible traders, friendly efficient staff to assist customers (producers), weekly market reports, agronomic information on planting seed and many more.

Philp Brodie Grains are agents for Pacific Seeds, Pioneer Seeds and HSF. Marketing is done for products like wheat, barley, sorghum, maize, soybeans, sunflowers, birdseed, cottonseed, legumes. Philp Brodie Grains specialises in soybean for crushing and edible market lines.

Recently a major project has been development by Philp Brodie Grains for soybean varieties, Melrose and Jabiru. Some of the associate companies include Maralong Milling and PBA Feeds/Hyfeeds. Philp Brodie Grains focuses towards providing quality and reliable marketing services in an ethical manner and aims to help customers with high turnovers. The professional team members employed at Philp Brodie Grains are experienced and highly skilled in ethical business practices, financial strength and planning.

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