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Protein meals, grains and oilseeds from Philp Brodie Grains

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Philp Brodie Grains  specialises in trading a variety of products such as protein meals, coarse grains, oilseeds, pulses and several other seeds for specific markets both within Australia and overseas. The different types of coarse grains traded by Philp Brodie Grains include barley, maize, sorghum and wheat. Philp Brodie Grains trades oilseeds and pulses including seeds like cottonseed, sunflower, soybeans and faba Beans.

Protein meals such as canola meal, soymeal, sunmeal can also be traded by Philp Brodie Grains. The firm provides quality and reliable service to a range of industries including dairying, feedlotters, flour millers, poultry and piggeries based all over Australia and overseas.

Philp Brodie Grains can assist customers who are seeking for a reliable supplier who can offer efficient transport delivery service, ability to source quality products, efficient accounting procedures, attention to enquiries, reliable and efficient staff who are able to professionally address the issues which arise and many more. Philp Brodie Grains focuses in providing quality service to both producers and end users. At Philp Brodie Grains every seed orders are received and despatched at various times throughout the year.

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