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Algae management in aquaculture from Phoslock Water Solutions

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Phoslock Water Solutions  manufactures and distributes Phoslock, a product used to control the growth of blue-green algae found in aquaculture ponds. Phoslock can also improve water quality in the ponds. Phoslock is a customised clay product used to remove phosphorus.

Phoslock is used to remove orthophosphate commonly known as filterable reactive phosphorus, FRP from the water body and forms a diffuse layer over the sediment that continues to react with the phosphate released from the sediment. As orthophosphate is one of the essential nutrients for the growth of phytoplankton (blue-green algae).

Phoslock from Phoslock Water Solutions can lock soluble inorganic phosphate. It cannot be used to stimulate algal growth. As the orthophosphate gets bound to Phoslock, it cannot be used by algae for assimilation and growth. This bonding reduces the phosphate in the aquaculture ponds and it directly affects the proliferation of the blue-green algae.

Thus Phoslock prevents the growth of toxic blue-green algae in aquaculture ponds where nutrients can regularly enter the water for a successful harvesting. A successful application of Phoslock was used several prawn aquaculture ponds across Malaysia. Ponds treated using Phoslock showed improved water quality. Currently Phoslock Water Solutions manufactures Phoslock granules that can be mixed with water and applied to lakes, rivers, drinking water reservoirs and aquaculture ponds.

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