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Applications of Phoslock from Phoslock Water Solutions

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Phoslock Water Solutions  manufactures and supplies Phoslock, a customised clay product that can remove phosphorus from water columns, sediment pore water and water bodies. When Phoslock is applied to water, it breaks the existing algal blooms and prevents future blooms. Phoslock is made from naturally occurring products.

Phoslock is manufactured by mixing bentonite, naturally occurring clay with lanthanum. The lanthanum gets immersed into the bentonite and becomes the dynamic element in removing phosphate. Phoslock can also generate a direct flocculation and sedimentation effect on blue-green algae as soon as it is applied to the water body.

Phoslock can be applied by using shore based, aerial or boat based equipment. A shore based application involves slurring the dry granules on site, using site water and pressure hose. As with a boat based application of Phoslock also involves slurring by using on-board equipment.

Once Phoslock is applied, the water becomes milky for a few hours for the Phoslock to settle on the bottom of the water body. The dosage of Phoslock varies between the water bodies and it depends on the bioavailable and total phosphorus present in the water body.

Phoslock is being used in Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and many countries around Europe. Currently Phoslock is used in large lakes, drinking water reservoirs, prawn aquaculture ponds, irrigation channels and several golf course ponds, ornamental lakes, koi ponds and garden ponds.

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