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Phoslock Water Solutions  provides WaterSavr which is a finely ground powder designed by using advanced mono-layer technology that helps users save significant volumes of water through decreased evaporation. On an average, a WaterSavr can reduce evaporation by 30 per cent. Trials and commercial applications have proved that it can save large volumes of water.

WaterSavr has a unique self-spreading ability that allows a mono-layer of one molecule thickness over the water surface. WaterSavr is available in a powder form and is applied using a series of solar powered automated spreaders.

Every component used in the manufacture of WaterSavr is of high quality food grade. Made from bio-degradable ingredients that include hydrated lime and cetyl/stearly hydroxy alkanes, WaterSavr is environmentally safe, has no effect in alkalinity and certified by NSF to ANSI 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.

The evaporative rates range from 1,000 millimetres (1m) to 4,000 millimetres (4m) per annum in Australia. A typical household in Australia uses approximately five hundred thousand litres of water a day. The mono layers formed by using the WaterSavr from Phoslock Water Solutions can save water in volumes. WaterSavr was fabricated in order to manage the harsh Australian environment.

WaterSavr breaks down ultraviolet rays by breaking the long chain of fatty alcohols. The breakdown begins with oxygen from the air plus an ultra violet photon. WaterSavr is being used throughout Australia by local councils, water authorities, farms, power generating companies, mines and timber.

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