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Liner materials from Pioneer Water Tanks

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Pioneer Water Tanks  develops quality Aqualiner and Industratex liner materials suitable for water tanks. These products from the company are ideal for the harsh Australian conditions. Aqualiner has five layers bonded permanently together creating a homogenous liner, it is used among the lighter commercial and rural range of water storage tanks.

As for the Industratex liners, it is used in combination with the larger commercial size tanks with other water storage tanks manufactured by Pioneer Water Tanks. These Industratex liners are ultra violet stabilised and also resistant to a range of acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

Both Aqualiner and Industratex are capable of supporting water pressures. Aqualiner is also ultra violet stabilised and resistant to a range of mild acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Liners from Pioneer Water Tanks give a safe and effective medium for storage of water. Liners are resistant to alkalis, like sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) potassium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, salts like common salt, sea salt and some organic solvents.

According to Pioneer Water Tanks the storage temperature is a necessary requirement when seeking the acceptability of the tank liners. Customers also need to give chemical composition based on the suitability of the fabric.

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