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Water storage tanks from Pioneer Water Tanks

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Pioneer Water Tanks  manufactures and supplies high quality water tanks suitable for various applications. Customers can find a range of tanks including mining tanks, commercial tanks, aquaculture tanks, fire tanks, rural tanks and winery tanks. Corilock is the original design, manufactured from rolling corrugated BlueScope Zincalume steel to form a hoop or ring and inserting a water proof membrane commonly known as a liner. It is strong and flexible and suitable for the mining industry.

There are different types of water tanks available at Pioneer Water Tanks for customers to choose from. Customers can also find a range of accessories including tank stands that can be custom-made based on customer requirement and specifications, whirly bird ventilation for the air to flow when personnel have to enter the tank for routine maintenance checks or to remove airborne pollutants. A level indicator can be custom-made to suit individual tank requirements.

Sacrificial (or Cathodic) protection of steel is also available. Magnesium anodes are attached to the tank wall, as electrolysis (corrosion) occurs the magnesium corrodes away leaving the steel intact. This system meets relevant Australian Standards. Filter baskets are also available at Pioneer Water Tanks, with a standard polyethylene inlet measuring 100 millimetres.

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