PlantTech is Australia's largest field crop and pasture seed company with an unsurpassed product range of leading proprietary cereal, oilseed, pasture, pulse and forage varieties as well as public varieties


Supplier news
18/07/08 - PlantTech can create a PerforMix custom blend to develop high quality pasture solution for customers farming business. PerforMix is one of the new services introduced as custom mixing and blending service by PlantTech.
Supplier news
17/07/08 - PlantTech provides seed treatments that act effectively on targeted crops, providing an environment friendly approach to crop protection. Seed treatments help protect crops from the sowing stage through to vital germination and early establishment ph
Supplier news
16/07/08 - PlantTech uses Agristrike, a pasture seed coating technology to improve the seedling emergence, establishment and root nodulation as compared to plants that are sown as bare seeds.

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Agristrike Baytan BravoTT Gaucho Hombre Jockey P Pickel T PlantTech Premis Prograin Vincit Zorro

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