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Agristrike seed coating technology from PlantTech

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PlantTech  uses Agristrike, a pasture seed coating technology to improve the seedling emergence, establishment and root nodulation as compared to plants that are sown as bare seeds. Agristrike is reliable and it uses the advanced rhizobium strains for each species.

Agristrike is more reliable and suitable, since root nodulation is a vital factor needed for the nitrogen fixation process and to achieve maximum yield potential. PlantTech applies the advanced rhizobium strains for each species that is chosen by the government group Australian Legume Inoculant Research Unit (ALIRU).

Various studies have proved reliable level of rhizobial survival in Agristrike coated seeds. A standard Agristrike lucerne and subclover coating encloses a combination of thiram and metalaxyl (Apron) fungicide that can offer strong protection against pythium (damping off) and phytophthora root rots.

Agristrike involves a pre-inoculation for nitrogen fixation by using dominant and healthy strains of Rhizobia. Agristrike has a specifically formulated coating that can cover the seed. This gives flexibility in sowing applications and it is ease of handling, mixing. Thus ultimately it improves the storage life.

Agristrike seed germinates into a nutrient rich zone include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, molybenum and other trace elements to provide a strong coating. Agristrike contains a broad spectrum fungicidal application to combat damping off diseases such as pythium and Phytophthora root rot where required.

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