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PerforMix custom blending for seeds from PlantTech

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PlantTech  can create a PerforMix custom blend to develop high quality pasture solution for customers farming business. PlantTech has installed mixing plant this method helps in further augments that is currently available within the seed industries. Customers can contact PlantTech for information regarding PerforMix custom blend.

PerforMix is one of the new services introduced as custom mixing and blending service by PlantTech. Customers can choose the type of variety and percentage they require for both mixing ad blending. PlantTech assist customers in developing a suitable solution for their farming business.

PlantTech has Australia's largest seed variety portfolio. PerforMix components are available with Agristrike coating to ensure improved pasture establishment. PlantTech has its own quality assurance programme known as the PlantTech Seed Integrity Preservation (SIP) scheme. It was developed by the union of PlantTech and Seed Services Australia, a Division of Primary Industries & Resources SA (PIRSA).

With the PlantTech Seed Integrity Preservation programme, every seed produced are labelled under SIP. The scheme offers a documentation of the production of all crops and its records are audited by Seed Services Australia. PlantTech can also offer the technology through integrated systems that ensures the integrity of varieties from producers through to the end consumer.

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