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Sportsman 500 HO put to the ATV Action test.

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Here’s some of what Australia’s ATV Action Magazine and its testers had to say about the Polaris Outlaw:


This is the world's best selling auto ATV, and every inch American. It's a big plush, fast, Hummer of the prairie. This is what you need if what you do is ride the bad lands from sunset to sundown with no time for canapés and camembert.

Out of the range of ATVs, the Polaris is the only ATV in this class pre-equipped to accept a full range of accessory cargo boxes, steel luggage racks and a backrest, all under the proprietary Lock and Ride brand.

Polaris also make BodyGuard armour for the Sportsman, to protect it and add the potential for customising.

As you'd imagine in a vehicle so typically American, the Sportsman's strongest features are it's cross-country ability and ride quality.

The independent rear-end on these Polaris ATVs works very well and we believe the Polaris Sportsman 500 HO ATV is the most competent in rough terrain. It has first class climbing ability and generates great traction.

Clearance under the diffs on the Polaris ATVs is very good too, and since the machine wears big 26-inch Carlise tyres it seldom gets hung-up on anything.

To say the suspension is compliant is naive.

This is class-leading suspension.

Trail riders can slam anything, within reason, and the Sportsman will soak it up without deviating from its course, headshaking, or bump or bounce-steering.

This means you can ride quickly on trails strewn with rocks, ruts, small washouts and other novelty features.

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