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Application of Poly Belt from Poly Belt Australia

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Poly Belt Australia  provides quality Poly Belt that can be used as a sheeting stockyard panel and for other applications in the agriculture, livestock and aquaculture industries. Poly Belt can be fixed almost to any surface including timber, steel yards. It is tough yet very flexible allowing it to right angle corners or curve to fit a trough.

Poly Belt Australia also provides quality Poly Belt liners that can be used to fix leaky troughs. Poly Belt does not degrade from environmental factors like ultraviolet and others. Poly Belt is also resistant to chemicals, mildew, fungus and moulds.

The Poly Belt is suitable for retaining wall for red claw ponds. It is a certified for potable water as it is lightweight that does not sag gates when fixed. Poly Belt offers suitable solution in preventing rot system from entering septic systems, concrete and paved areas.

Poly Belt can take away the daylight. This minimises the bruising in the cattle yard. It can be easily fixed with tek screws and washers at stock yards. PolyGard from Poly Belt Australia is available in a kit form with brackets and springs. PolyGard can be used for mud flaps on 4WDs, ATVs, dump truck lining and stone guards.

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