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Calf Teats for calf feeders from Polymaster

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Calf Teats are available on all calf feeders from Polymaster . Through many yearsof trialling calf feeders and teats, the New Poly Teat has emerged asa hygienic and long lasting item. IT is calf user friendlyand economical.

Polymaster’s screw-on poly teat has made a real breakthrough in thefield. Being able to clean a teat and feeder thoroughly is a must in anenvironment where bacteria thrives.

Features of calf teats for calf feeders:

  • All long lasting polyurethane.
  • Will not absorb moisture or chemicalsi n comparison to natural rubber.
  • All teats compatible to Polymaster’s screw-on feature.
  • Available with cap and valve if required.
  • Now even softer.
  • Fully removable for thorough cleaning and storage.
  • Can use with or without valve to adjust feeding rate.

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