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Fence hung gravity feeders from Polymaster

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A huge range of calf feeders catering for every possible situation is available from Polymaster .

Polymaster’s complete range of calfaterias (milkmaid feeders) have been thoroughly tested and proven to efficiently feed calves from the first day through to weaning. These calf feeders are suitable for every calf rearer.  

Special features of fence hung gravity feeders:

  • These calf feeders are available with screw-on poly teats or peach teats.
  • No narrow openings for milk to block.
  • Generous teat spacing allows calves room to feed.
  • UV stabilised poly for long outdoor use.
  • 2.5 litres each division - MM5, MM8.
  • 2.0 litres each division - MM12, MM13.
  • Teat cap easily unscrews to wash out feeder.
  • These calf feeders have adjustable galvanised hanging brackets to suit rail spacing.
  • Translucent colour feeders - to see milk level.

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