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Rainwater tanks - assessing their potential value in times of drought

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article image Rainwater tanks collect excess water and save you money
Rainwater tanks, such as those from PolyMaster, are incredibly useful for every day use and during times of drought as they collect and store excess rainwater.  

By connecting them to gutters and downpipes, rainwater tanks are able to collect the excess rainwater from roofs that would otherwise go to waste.

Online rainwater tank supplier Rainwater Tanks Direct puts this into perspective:

“If 10mm of rain falls onto about 100 metres squared of your roof, you will collect about 1000 litres of rainwater into your water tank. Just imagine, after four days of light rain you could easily harvest around 4000 litres of rainwater.”

Clearly, rainwater tanks are able to capture immense amounts of water, which can then be used as an alternative to water from the main’s supply.

By using less water from the main’s supply homeowners will enjoy immense savings on their water bill.

It is clear, then, that rainwater tanks prevent wastage of the precious natural resource that is water, which means more will be available in times of drought, and they can slash water bills.

In Sustainability and the Old Australian House – A Handbook, author Andrew Marsh explains “It is advisable to conduct some cost and benefit analysis before you act.”

While in most cases the long-term savings and benefits of rainwater tanks will outweigh the cost of installing them, it is important to note that the initial installation process can be quite expensive, and those interested in installing a rainwater tank should assess the individual benefits they will reap from it.

Polymaster Group offers rainwater tanks in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes, so those interested in installing rainwater tanks may select one that best reflects their needs and budget.

The rainwater tanks are made from food grade polyethylene and are UV stabilised, so they are well equipped to withstand Australia's harsh climatic conditions.

These initial costs may also be dramatically reduced thanks to a number of government rebates that are currently available on the purchase and installation of rainwater tanks.

Rainwater tanks will benefit all homes, particularly those located in Australia’s direst regions, as they provide a secure water source and instil piece of mind as the homeowners can manage and use the stored water as required.

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