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Polymaster sale to run throughout February and March
23.01.2013 - Polymaster's latest promotion is a February and March sale where a number of farm or around the house products are on special offer from local distributors.
Aquaculture tanks from Polymaster
19.11.2012 - Aquaculture tanks from Polymaster come in a range of different sizes and feature a number of exclusive features.
Rainwater tanks - assessing their potential value in times of drought
29.08.2012 - Rainwater tanks, such as those from Polymaster, are incredibly useful for every day use and during times of drought as they collect and store excess rainwater.
Fence hung gravity calf feeders from Polymaster
13.06.2012 - These Australian made calfaterias (milkmaid calf feeders) are suitable to feed calves from birth through to weaning.
Dog kennels - The Dinkum Doghouse from Polymaster
12.06.2012 - The Dinkum Doghouse is suitable for working dogs on the farm, as well as their cousins in the cities and suburbs.
Stock watering tanks from Polymaster
04.06.2012 - Polymaster offers stock watering tanks which are designed to ensure large water reserves at all times.
Poly Produce Bins from Polymaster
04.06.2012 - Poly Produce Bins are are polyethylene rotomoulded bins which don’t require support frames because of their unique ribbed design.
20 Teat Divisional Feeder from Polymaster
11.08.2009 - Polymaster offer a 20 teat divisional free standing calf feeder which can ensure each calf gets its share.
Calf Teats for calf feeders from Polymaster
11.08.2009 - Calf Teats are available on all calf feeders from Polymaster. Through many years of trialling calf feeders and teats, the New Poly Teat has emerged as a hygienic and long lasting item.
Mobile gravity milk feeders from Polymaster
11.08.2009 - Polymaster have been manufacturing mobile calf feeders since 1995. Polymaster calf feeders have all the features and benefits that make the Australian calf rearing job that much easier.
Supa Troughs from Plymaster
11.08.2009 - Supa Troughs from Plymaster have a unique all-poly construction. They are durable and portable and rust free.
Stock Watering Tank from Polymaster
11.08.2009 - The stock watering tank from Polymaster ensures large water reserves at all times. Ideally, it should be used in conjunction with pipeline/windmill applications.
Grain Saver from Polymaster
10.08.2009 - Grain savers from Polymaster are suitable for grain and molasses feeding.
Fence hung gravity feeders from Polymaster
10.08.2009 - A huge range of calf feeders catering for every possible situation is available from Polymaster.
Sweep Trough from Polymaster
10.08.2009 - At last, an all poly, sweep out trough that’s user friendly is available from Polymaster.
Chemical baths for sheep and goats from Polymaster
10.08.2009 - This bath has been designed with farmers and chemical experts to control hoof diseases in sheep and goats. It is suitable for use with portable yard to keep animals confined.
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