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Innovative hay covers from Polytex for hay producers

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article image Ratch-e-Trap covers for hay producers
Polytex  Ratch-e-tarp covers offer a proven solution for hay producers to store large quantities of hay during the upcoming harvest season.

Ratch-e-tarp hay covers from Polytex are easy to install, saving time for the hay producer. The Ratch-e-tarp also fastens down securely to hay bales utilising webbing ratchets. Suitable for covering over 40’ long hay stacks, the covers only need a centre tie down to secure them against the wind.

Similar to the larger sleeved hay tarps manufactured by Polytex, Ratch-e-tarp covers do not rely on eyelets for securing the tarp down as eyelets are not sufficient to secure hay or cotton tarps against the wind. Wind damage to the cover is the result of constant flapping often due to eyelets pulling out through movement of the cover between ropes.

Keeping the cover tight also applies to grain bunker storage covers. Polytex advises grain producers or dealers to bunker grain neatly and uniformly so that the cover can be kept tight.

Polytex supplies a range of covers to meet the needs of hay or grain storage. Grain growers and grain storage operators can prepare themselves early by investing in these cost-effective covers.

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