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Enhance your Piggery Growing Conditions with Polytex Tarpaulins
31.05.2017 - The pork industry will benefit greatly from eliminating unwanted airflows within their production areas.
Hay Covers from Polytex Tarpaulins
11.04.2017 - The right covers can help guarantee farmers get the best from their investment.
Minimise energy usage with poultry blinds
29.03.2017 - It’s the time of year to be giving consideration to the coming colder months and the great benefits of minimising energy usage in poultry production.
Polytex Tarpaulins once again, first in big bunker covers
18.02.2015 - Polytex Tarpaulins successfully covered mammoth stockpiles of a bulk product for an agricultural producer.
Polytex 1st in grain covers and hay tarps
20.11.2014 - With harvest still under way in the south eastern states, Polytex Tarpaulins is providingTarpaulins to Grain storage facilities and growers
Polytex tarpaulins help poultry and piggery industries reduce their energy consumption
15.05.2013 - Poultry and pork industries can benefit from Polytex tarpaulin products during the winter months by eliminating unwanted airflows within production areas.
Innovative hay covers from Polytex for hay producers
19.09.2012 - Polytex Ratch-e-tarp covers offer a proven solution for hay producers to store large quantities of hay during the upcoming harvest season.
Polytex offers low cost easy-to-use Ratch-e-tarp covers for cotton growers
18.09.2012 - Polytex presents an economical range of tarpaulin covers for cotton bales.
Being prepared for on-farm grain storage with Polytex bunker covers
17.09.2012 - Polytex bunker covers are expected to be in demand this season with the current harvest shaping up to be a bumper for all grain producers.
Getting the crop into storage safely under Polytex grain storage bunker covers
14.09.2012 - Polytex advises grain producers to get their crop off and into storage quickly before the rain hits harvesting plans.
Polytex harvest covers for grain storage
13.09.2012 - Leading supplier of tarpaulins, Polytex offers a wide range of harvest covers for grain and hay producers.
Polytex ready for harvest season with tarpaulins, grain covers and ground sheets
12.09.2012 - Polytex, a Riverina based tarpaulin manufacturer specialises in the supply of tarps, covers, liners and shelters for agriculture, industry and mining segments Australia wide.
Polytex introduces new round bale covers
19.04.2012 - Polytex presents a new range of emergency covers for round bales on farms or ginning sites.
Protect hay bales using the Ratch-e-tarp from Polytex
14.11.2011 - These tarps have been designed especially to protect hay bales from rain and to withstand heavy winds that may damage other tarp designs.
Ratch-e-Tarp hay covers available now from Polytex
25.07.2011 - Available now from Polytex, the Ratch-e-Tarp is a cover specifically designed and manufactured for the covering of hay.
RFM employs Polytex for Air Movement Seal Solutions
22.07.2011 - RFM has asked Polytex to help create solutions in air movement sealing for their Riverina production sheds refurbishment.
Grain Storage Bunker Covers from Polytex
19.05.2011 - Woven plastic grain bunker storage covers which can be constructed under farm conditions are now used for grain storage.
Polytex offers Grain Storage Bunker Covers for Harvest Season
01.12.2010 - Polytex is a major supplier of grain storage bunker covers.
Polytex recognise bunker tarps as an economical way to store grain "on-farm" at harvest time
29.10.2009 - Storing grain "on-farm" during harvest time is beneficial for the grower and can be done using either vertical storage, silo bags, or bunker tarps.
Hay storage - the choice between tarps or hay sheds
06.05.2009 - Farmers dealing with hay have a choice between purchasing a hay shed or opting for a more economical, shorter term solutions and purchasing tarps.
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