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Carr Drives Pork CRC into the Future

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article image Pork CRC Board Chairman, Dr John Keniry

Australia’s pork industry received a major boost with the announcement by Federal Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr that Pork CRC’s funding has been extended for a further eight years.   

Pork Cooperative Research Centre (Pork CRC ) has an annual farm-gate value of $1 billion, contributes $3 billion annually to the national economy and generates 8000 jobs.    

After thanking the Federal Government for its $20 million commitment, Pork CRC Chairman, Dr John Keniry congratulated his rebid team headed by Dr Rob van Barneveld and supported by CEO Dr Roger Campbell, Dr Darryl D’Souza of APL, Mr Rod Hamann of Australian Pork Farms as well as Dr Brian Luxford of Rivalea.  

Dr Keniry expressed his gratitude to Pork CRC’s 40 participants, who have made a commitment of $18 million in cash and $64 million in-kind over the next eight years, commencing July 1, 2011.   

He also welcomed the involvement of the RSPCA and retailers in the new Pork CRC, as this would help his team focus on meeting the needs and expectations of consumers.  

The rebid, titled ‘High Integrity Australian Pork’ comprised of four research programs: 

  • Confinement-free sow and piglet management
  • New generation health management and antibiotic reduction  
  • Healthy pork consumption
  • Carbon-conscious inputs and outputs

Dr Keniry said the Australian pork industry faced challenges such as maintaining local production of high quality food at a reasonable price and acceptable return on production capital invested, while improving pig welfare, the environment and consumer health.  

With innovative, collaborative, whole value chain research, development and education programs, the Pork CRC would meet the challenges by facilitating production with the following outcomes: 

  • Efficient and ethical production without needing sow confinement or widespread use of medications
  • Deliver key nutrients safely, enhancing the health and well-being of consumers
  • Utilise revolutionary feed sources and effluent management systems resulting in emissions of less than 1 kg of CO2 per kg of pork produced
  • Contribute significantly to Australia’s economic growth and food security without impacting the ecological capital of other parts of the world

According to Dr Keniry, delivering these outcomes will differentiate Australian pork as a ‘high integrity’ meat that is welfare-optimal, premium quality, safe and nutritious.   

He added that Pork CRC will help ensure Australian pork is produced by conserving energy and water resources, minimising greenhouse gas emissions as well as maintaining efficiency and cost of production at a level that promotes investment, growth and sustainability.

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