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Pigeon pair for Pork CRC at PPPE

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article image Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) sponsors the upcoming 2010 Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PPPE) on Queensland’s Gold Coast from June 16 to 17.

Healthy pigs and healthy people are a ‘pigeon pair’ when it comes to Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre, Pork CRC and its focus as a sponsor of the upcoming 2010 Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PPPE) on Queensland’s Gold Coast from June 16 to 17. In keeping with the PPPE theme, ‘Next Generation Pork – Finding the Balance’, the Pork CRC is sponsoring ‘Pork Power’ a concurrent session on day two which  will analyse the importance of maintaining healthy pork for a healthy market.

Dr Roger Campbell, CEO of the Pork CRC, said he looked forward to a robust discussion around the latest research and trends into the inherent health  attributes of pork, with a particular focus on the importance of marketing to consumers. “We must continue to ensure Australian pork is the best possible quality and that our R&D can identify and verify the nutrients in pork that promote the health and well-being of pork consumers. “The way we’ll achieve this is through consistent and reliable research, innovation, quality assessment and market analysis,” he said.

The Pork CRC runs three main programs, each designed to enhance the Australian pork industry:

  • 'Securing more reliable and consistent supplies of protein and energy for pig diets’ managed by Dr Ray King
  • ‘Improving herd feed conversion efficiency’, managed by Professor Frank Dunshea
  • ‘Enhancing capacity to deliver nutrients that promote health and well-being through pork’, managed by Heather Channon
The Pork CRC also increasingly focuses resources and attention on a fourth program, Education and Training, managed by Dr Will van Wettere.  Several Pork CRC supported students will participate in the 2010 PPPE Day One Plenary Session, titled ‘Next Generation Scientists’, where they will  showcase their undergraduate and post-graduate studies and research to industry and prospective employers.

According to Dr Campbell, employers could not get better trained or smarter people for their businesses.“So, if you’re considering hiring in the technical, business or sales area, please give our graduates serious consideration, as they’re well worth it,” he  said.

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