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Pork CRC predicts healthy future for Australian pork

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article image Pork CRC are focussing on the role of pork in a healthy diet.

Pork CRC  has allocated suitable funding for short term innovation projects focussing on the health benefits of fresh pork.  

Pork’s role in a balanced diet and lifestyle as well as its impact on critical health issues such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease is the focus of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork Subprogram 3B, ‘Health benefits of fresh pork’.  

Pork CRC has allocated a set amount of its research funds for shorter term innovation projects to be funded for 12 months and to a maximum of $50,000.  

Pork CRC CEO, Dr Roger Campbell explains that these projects may fill gaps in existing knowledge, or investigate new science and theories able to develop system changing information/technologies.  

Calling for shorter term projects (closes April 20) in Subprogram 3B that represent genuine innovation, Pork CRC has set the following priorities:  

  • Determine pork’s role as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle on weight management and weight maintenance to address health issues including Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease in Australia 
  • Demonstrate use and form of pork in the diet of elderly Australians to preserve muscle mass and cognition 
  • Demonstrate inherent benefits of consuming pork in diets of Australian children, with particular focus on innovatively incorporating pork into children’s meals 
  • Use of animal and/or human models to determine if including fresh pork or enriched pork in the diet can deliver potential positive health outcomes to humans especially during early stage bowel and prostate cancer development 
  • Effect of pork on protein digestion and amino acid metabolism
On a broader scale across all of Pork CRC’s four programs, research projects demonstrating quality system changing science that could successfully be adopted by Australia’s pork industry will shortly be considered and recommended for funding by the CRC’s Expert Scientific Groups before being put to the R&D Committee and Board in June.  

The CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork has four programs:  

  • Confinement-free sow and piglet management 
  • Herd health management 
  • Healthy pork consumption 
  • Carbon-conscious nutrient inputs and outputs
According to Dr Campbell, as the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork gathers momentum, it’s critical that all stakeholders maintain focus on outcomes, which reflect key objectives of profiling and producing a pork product that is uniquely Australian, characterised as high integrity, welfare optimal, premium quality, safe and nutritious.

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